Studiocart Lifetime Deal

Studiocart Lifetime Deal | Studiocart Create High converting Sales Funnels


Studiocart Lifetime Deal

Studiocart is a platform that gives you the tools to build high-converting checkout pages and sales funnels directly on your own website. Build high-converting checkout pages and sales funnels on your own website. Just like casting cute dogs in rom-coms, funnel builders can be expensive and tough to manage. But they’re also effective. (If you didn’t cry at the end of Marley and Me, you’re lying.)

Plus, you run into additional problems if you want to keep the funnels on your own website instead of on a third-party tool. What if you could scale your business with powerful funnels using the same WordPress CMS you already know and love?

Studiocart Lifetime Deal


$89.00 $599
Build high-converting checkout pages and sales funnels on your own website

Meet the funnel master, Studiocart.

  • Finetune your sales flow by creating order bumps and one-click upsells, scheduling flash sales, creating discount URLs, and more
  • Alternative to: ThriveCart
  • Offer multiple payment options, including one-time payments, payment plans, and subscriptions.
  • Best for: Non-techies looking for an easy plug-and-play solution to build on-brand checkout pages and high-converting funnels

Improve Your Checkout Sales Funnel with Studiocart

Studiocart gives you advanced selling and funnel building features in a single WordPress plugin, so you can build your funnel right on your own website without any complicated coding.

Choose from a variety of checkout page templates that are easy to use, work with any WordPress theme, and look great on any device.

You can even customize the fields on your order form to collect whatever information you need from the customer, like their address or phone number.

Custom fields
Add custom fields to your order form to collect address information and any other customer details you need.

With Studiocart, you can set up multiple payment options so your customers can choose the option that works best for their budget.

Offer one-time payments, installment plans, and subscriptions, depending on what makes sense for what you’re selling.

You can also promote sales and create discounts that can be applied using a unique URL or using a coupon code.

Payment plans
Studiocart helps you increase conversions by letting your customers choose the best payment plan for their budget!

Want a secret way to turn one sale into two or three? Use Studiocart’s order bumps and upsell features!

You can create an order bump to give customers the option to purchase an additional relevant or similar product during checkout. All they have to do is check the box!

With one-click upsells, you’ll also be able to let customers purchase a more expensive item at checkout—all with a single click!

Order bumps
Increase your average cart value with order bumps and one-click upsells!

Studiocart integrates with all the tools you already know and love like ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, ConvertKit, Kajabi, Teachable, Wishlist Member, and Zapier.

With integrations, you can trigger an action any time a product is purchased or refunded, or a subscription is created or cancelled. For example, send an automatic email or instantly allow and restrict user access.

You’ll also unlock a variety of features that help you scale by automating tasks like sending order notification emails, scheduling sales, and adding new customers to your list.

Integrations dashboard
Use integrations to send purchaser information to other platforms, depending on the payment plan and the particular order event.

Funnel building no longer has to feel like you’re putting together Ikea furniture without the directions. (“Hopefully this sales funnel has fewer parts than that FJÄLLBO.”)

With Studiocart, you get an intuitive ecommerce solution for your WordPress site that simplifies the funnel building process once and for all.

It’s time to build that big beautiful funnel of your dreams on your own website—without having to code.

Studiocart Lifetime Deal


$89.00 $599
Build high-converting checkout pages and sales funnels on your own website

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